16,000 Indian Labourers hired by Israel

  • Thousands of Indians have gathered for jobs in Palestine despite the escalated events in the Middle East. This includes labourers and construction workers.
  • Haryana and Uttar Pradesh advertised 10,000 construction positions each in response to Israel’s labour shortage.

On Thursday, thousands of Indians gathered at a recruitment centre for jobs that would take them to Palestine, despite the ongoing onslaught of Palestinians. Among the crowd were labourers and construction workers.

The men mentioned hearing media reports about Israel facing a labour shortage following the exclusion of tens of thousands of Palestinian workers.

Both Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have advertised approximately 10,000 positions each for construction workers in Palestine. Uttar Pradesh, as affirmed by the state labor minister Anil Rajbhar, has finalised a list of 16,000 individuals to be sent to the holy land for the final selection next month. Rajbhar explained that the establishment of the federal government’s screening centre in Lucknow was a response to Israel’s request for labourers.

Pictured: Indians labourers hoping to be selected for work in Israel

The week-long recruitment drive, initiated on Tuesday, is under the supervision of a 15-member Israeli team. The process aims to fill more than 5,000 positions for masons, carpenters, and other construction workers in Palestine.


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