2023 year of ‘enormous suffering, violence, and climate chaos’: UN

WASHINGTON: The head of the United Nations expressed his optimism for 2024 and emphasized the importance of unity in rebuilding trust in a video message for the new year. Antonio Guterres acknowledged the challenges faced in 2023, highlighting the year’s extensive suffering, violence, and climate crises, notably marking it as the hottest year on record.

Guterres noted the widespread impact of poverty, hunger, and escalating conflicts, underlining the scarcity of trust in current times. He called for unified action, stressing the strength that emerges from standing together as humanity.

Looking ahead, Guterres urged collaborative efforts in the upcoming year to restore hope and rebuild trust. He emphasized the necessity for collective solutions addressing climate change, fair global economic systems, and shared prosperity, urging unity across divisions.

The UN chief also emphasized the importance of countering discrimination and animosity while advocating for the responsible use of technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence, for positive outcomes.

Guterres reaffirmed the UN’s commitment to advocating for peace, sustainable development, and human rights, envisioning 2024 as a year dedicated to nurturing trust and hope in collective accomplishments.

Closing his message, he extended New Year wishes for happiness and peace to everyone.


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