5000 cabin crew positions open at Emirates: Here’s how to apply

The Emirates recruitment team will host open days in 460 cities as part of the 2024 drive

Jeddah: The carriers in the Gulf region are witnessing a rise in capacity and passenger traffic. They are signing long-term deals to acquire new aircrafts. The airlines operating in the UAE also plan to hire new employees across various professions, with a particular focus on recruiting for cockpit and cabin positions, IT roles, and technicians.

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Emirates airlines has announced recruitment of 5,000 staff in 2024 from six continents, the Dubai-based carrier announced on Tuesday. The recruitment drive will focus on recent graduates, hospitality industry professionals with a year of experience, and soon-to-graduate individuals.

Those with internships or part-time job experience are encouraged to apply, according to the announcement that was reported in Al Arabiya.

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The latest drive comes as the airline prepares for the imminent arrival of the Airbus A350 fleet of aircraft, expected in mid-2024, and the highly awaited Boeing 777 Xs in 2025.

New recruits “will learn hospitality and life skills from the best trainers in the business,” the airline said. The job will require travel between 140 cities in 76 countries.

The Emirates recruitment team said it will host open days in 460 cities as part of the 2024 drive. In the Middle East, hiring events will be held in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.



In 2023, The airline hired 8,000 cabin crew through recruitment days in 353 cities, the report said. As of August 2023, the airline had 21,500 cabin crew members.

Benefits and pay

Cabin crew pay is split into three components: a fixed basic salary of a minimum $1,266 (AED 4,650) per month, an hourly pay for operated flights at $17.3 (AED 63.75), and meal allowance.

Emirates rounds up the total to $2,830 (AED 10,388) per month based on an average of 80-100 hours monthly.



The airline also provides medical insurance. All cabin crew are insured on a 24-hour worldwide basis under life insurance and personal accident insurance policies.

Hotel accommodation and transport to and from the airport is provided. At base, accommodation with utilities is provided free of charge.

How to apply?

Eligible candidates can apply online on the Emirates Group Careers website. A notification will be sent when the recruitment team is in or near the city of residence, enabling candidates to attend the open day.



Some recruitment events are by invite only. This would require potential candidates to apply online and then wait for an invitation.

Day of recruitment drive

On the day of the recruitment drive, there will be multiple rounds.

Introduction – The Emirates team will provide an overview of the role, including the expectations while working as cabin crew with Emirates, and about life in Dubai.

Assessment – The introduction will be followed by an assessment with group activities and an online test at the venue.

Final Interview – Select candidates will then be asked to attend a final interview where the recruitment team will seek to learn more about them and their motivations to work at the Dubai carrier.

Required documents?

The recruitment team will expect to see an up-to-date, digital curriculum vitae (CV) in English, a valid ID or passport copy, and a copy of the education certificate.

Abu Dhabi’s Wizz Air also hiring new staff as it expand its fleet.


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