Bhiwani killings: 2 more ‘Hindu Mahapanchayats’ call for anti-Muslim violence

A total of 3 Hindu Mahapanchayats took place in the towns of Manesar, Hathin and Bhiwani where hate speeches against Muslims were delivered and the Rajasthan police was threatened.

After the Hindu Mahapanchayat held at Manesar, Haryana in support of cow vigilante Monu Manesar in the case of killing two Muslim men Junaid and Nasir, two more events of such kind were held on Wednesday and Thursday convened two ‘Hindu Mahapanchayats’ in Gurgaon and Hathin in Haryana, where blatant appeals for violence against Muslims and law enforcement officials who attempt to stop Monu were heard.

In Hathin, Palwal district

According to media reports, more than 400 members and leaders of the Bajrang Dal, VHP, and Hindu Sena from all around north India attended the Hathin event. Locals also came to the event.

Speakers there warned police against taking action against Monu, a leader of the Bajrang Dal and a participant in the Haryana cow protection task force. The gruesome murder of Junaid and Nasir, two Muslim males who cow vigilantes reportedly set ablaze after accusing them of smuggling cows, is the subject of an FIR names Monu.

A fresh list of eight people who are wanted in this case was published by Rajasthan Police shortly after this Hindu Mahapanchayat came to an end, along with their respective photos.

According to a report by The Wire, a speaker at the Wednesday ‘Mahapanchayat’ identified as Bajrang Dal leader Aastha Maa said, “If a Muslim man as much as looks at a Hindu daughter or sister, a skewer will be driven into his eyes.”

Aastha Maa also began her speech with the line, “Yes, Bajrang Dal and VHP workers are indeed gundas.”

Chants of “We are Hindus and Hindustan is ours” reverberated in the event area.

“Modiji..Don’t try to become Gandhiji..(applause), wage a war with the Gaddars 9enemies),” far-right leader Sunder Vaidik’s poetically said, amid chants of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

Bulldozers were demanded by Acharya Azad, one of the speakers and vice-president of the Gau Raksha Dal’s Haryana branch, according to The Wire‘s report.

“I want Manohar Lal Khattar, the chief minister of Haryana, to take a cue from Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, and send bulldozers to the homes of cow traffickers. Bulldoze through their residences, he added. His speech was heavily applauded by the audience.

“I want to tell the Haryana Police to seek training from UP’s DGP and implement the UP model here as well,” continued Ved Nagar, who serves as the organization’s national president.

In Bhiwani

The third and most recent Hindu mahapanchayat in favor of those accused in the alleged murder of Junaid and Nasir — two Rajasthan men whose burned corpses were discovered last week — was held Thursday in Bhiwani.

According to a report by The Print, Chants of Hindu unity could be heard during the event in Bhiwani, although the crowd was just approximately 100 individuals. Members of the Bajrang Dal and the Gau Raksha Dal were among them.

Yet, the speakers emphasised the need for ‘Hindu unity’ and advocated for a fair probe. They encouraged the Hindus to gather together to “fight the Rajasthan Police and unmask their plot”.

“You Hindus, if you can’t fight for the cows, at least support those who are fighting. They need your support,” said Sanjay Parmar, president of the Gau Raksha Dal in Bhiwani.

The demand for compensation was also raised for Pandit’s family, with speakers stating that his full-term pregnant wife miscarried after Rajasthan Police ‘barged into’ their Nuh house and ‘thrashed the family.’

“If Shrikant is an accused, arrest him but what has his wife done? What had his unborn child done? They (Rajasthan Police) killed them. We demand a compensation of Rs 1 crore and a government job for the family,” said RSS member Pardeep Kumar, a resident of Bhiwani, The Print reported.

Also, gruesome descriptions were offered of Mewat, a region in Haryana dominated by Meo Muslims.

It was described as a place of ‘jihadis’ where ‘everyone is armed’.

“Have you seen Mewat? No? I will tell you. Once you enter Mewat, you will be welcomed by bullets. The people of Mewat rain bullets. But we gau rakshaks fight them,” said Parmar over the mic.

In the first Mahapanchayat, One of the speakers said, “If the Rajasthan police dare to come and arrest Monu from his home, then we assure them that they will not go back in their two feet.”

“It is because of Monu and his people that Manesar is able to save cows for the last eight years. Had it not been for them, the village would have turned into a mini Pakistan,” the speaker added among cheers from the crowd.

The Mahapanchayat at Manesar’s Baba Bhimsa temple was attended by villagers who proudly regarded Monu as the ‘Pride of Hindus’.



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