British Airways includes hijab in uniform

After nearly two decades, British Airways has upgraded their cabin worker uniform, adding Hijab and jumpsuit as options.

British Airways introduced a new uniform collection on Friday, which includes a three-piece suit for men and dress, skirt, and trouser options for women, as well as a jumpsuit, tunic, and Hijab alternatives.

This new collection, designed by British fashion designer Ozwald Boateng, has been in the works for five years, having been delayed multiple times owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.

More than 1,500 personnel have taken part in 50 workshops, and the outfits have been surreptitiously tested on cargo flights for the past six months.

Beginning in April 2023, more than 30,000 airline employees will wear the new uniform.

Sean Doyle, BA Chairman and Chief Executive, said, “Our uniform is an iconic representation of our brand, something that will take us into our future, represent the best of modern Britain and help us deliver a wonderfully authentic British service to our customers.”


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