CM Chouhan washes feet of peeing incident victim in damage control exercise in poll-bound MP

By Pervez Bari

BHOPAL – Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan rolled out red-carpet honor to Dashmat Rawat, the Sidhi district victim of the peeing incident when he met him at his official residence here on Thursday. The Chief Minister presented a shawl, coconut and lord Ganesh idol while applying Tilak and washing the feet of Dashmat.

Chief Minister Chouhan expressed sorrow over the incident. He had breakfast with Dashmat and inquired about the well-being of his family. To Dashmat he said: “You are my companion and brother, my heart is sad, this is an attempt to share your pain, I also apologize to you, whatever needs of the family will be fulfilled.”

Chief Minister also talked to Dashmat’s wife Mrs. Asha Rawat over phone.

While interacting with the media representatives, Chief Minister Chouhan said that the public is my God and service to the public is the worship of God. “We believe that God resides in every human being, the poor is Narayan. My heart is filled with pain and anguish at the injustice meted out to Dashmat. To reduce the agony and pain of the mind, I called Dashmat to my residence and washed his feet and applied water on my forehead, so that my anguish and pain could be reduced.

Harshest punishment

He said that washing the feet of Dashmat is a sign of my sympathy and service towards the poor. The respect of the poor is most important for us. There is also a clear message to the public, government and administration that if anyone messes with the poor, he will get the harshest punishment. Respect of the poor and their safety is our top priority.

Later, the CM planted a sapling with the victim. The CM talked to him about his family, asked whether his children are going to school and whether the family is getting benefits of welfare schemes like ‘Ladli Laxmi’ and ‘Ladli Behna’. The victim is said to have nodded ‘yes’.

Chouhan said that the one who does injustice does not have any religion, caste or party. The person who has done injustice will get severe punishment. Every possible effort is being made to comfort the person suffered. He said that we are all made of the same consciousness, God has made us all. May we all be filled with humanity, compassion, love, kindness and empathy towards our poor brothers and sisters? Even the poor have self-respect. We have to ensure that everyone is respected and protected, he added.

When Chouhan asked the victim how he makes a living, he told the chief minister that he works as a porter at the krishi mandi in Kubri village.

After meeting CM victim says felt good

While after meeting with Chief Minister Chouhan, the Sidhi urination case victim Dashmat Rawat said that he met the chief minister and it felt good.

When asked about the incident and why the accused Pravesh Rawat (30) urinated on him, Rawat said: “What to say, nothing now. Whatever happened has happened.”
It may be mentioned that Pravesh Shukla, the man seen urinating on tribal man’s face in a viral video, is said to be allegedly associated with the BJP, was arrested in the wee hours of Wednesday and a part of his ancestral home was demolished.

The Congress and several social media users have dug up what they say is proof of Shukla’s BJP membership and his photos and posters with BJP leaders, including Sidhi MLA Kedarnath Shukla. The lawmaker has denied that the accused is a BJP member or his representative.

Rs. 6.5 lakh Govt. financial aid to victim

Meanwhile, the victim Dashmat Rawat has been provided with an assistance of Rs 5 lakhs and financial help of Rs 1.50 lakhs for the construction of his house on the instructions of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Sidhi Collector confirmed it through a tweet.

Sidhi Collector tweeted, “As per the directions of CM, Dashmat Rawat has been provided with a relief amount of Rs 5 Lakhs. A financial help of Rs 1.50 Lakhs has also been sanctioned for the construction of his house”.

Meanwhile, in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh political observers point out that Chief Minister Chouhan in quick action has gone out of the way to honour the victim of the peeing incident to assuage the feelings of tribal community in order to keep the tribal vote bank intact.


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