CPI (M) condemns RSS Chief’s ‘atrocious comments’ against Muslims

New Delhi:  The Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Wednesday strongly denounced the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s atrocious comments against the country’s second largest community. The party termed Bhagwat’s outpouring as “an open and blatant challenge to the Constitution of India, to equal rights of all citizens and to the rule of Law.

In an interview to his organisation’s mouthpiece the Organiser and Panchajanya weeklies, Bhagwat  remarked over why there was “Hindu aggression” and asking Muslims to check their “rhetoric of supremacy”, ended with a line he has used before – that all might change, except that India is a “Hindu Rashtra”.

The RSS leader asserted that Hindus have been “at war for over 1,000 years” with various forces, adding that it is only natural for those who are at war to be aggressive. As usual his t went on to advise Muslims, saying: “There is no harm to Muslims living today in Bharat… Islam has nothing to fear. But at the same time, Muslims must also give up their loud, supremacy-based discourse.

Taking strong exceptions to his remarks, CPI (M) said these comments constitute an open and blatant challenge to the Constitution of India, to equal rights of all citizens and to the rule of Law. It further underlined that Bhagwat has threatened the Muslim minority community that they will have to give up ideas of “supremacy” to remain safe and justified the aggression of “Hindu society” in the name of perceived historical wrongs, stating that Hindus are “at war.”

The communist party said the RSS chief has virtually given a call for violence against a section of Indian citizens on the basis of religious affiliation.

“In fact it is not “Hindu society” but Hindutva brigades inspired by the RSS ideology and backed by leaders like Bhagwat who have created a sense of siege in the minority community by their constant assaults on the constitutional and legal rights of minority communities at different levels”.

Bhagwat’s statements are an update of the hate filled communal writings of RSS icons like Hegdewar and Golwalkar  that Muslims can live in India only if they accept a subordinate position.

Given that Bhagwat mentioned each of the three threats in his interview; it appears that the RSS is still preoccupied with what MS Golwalkar referred to as the three biggest challenges to Hindus: Muslims, Christians, and Communists.

Bhagwat’s recent visit to a mosque, and madrasa in Delhi  as well as his meeting with the five Muslim individuals appeared to be eye-wash.  

“The Polit Bureau of the CPI (M) strongly condemns these utterances. It calls upon patriotic minded citizens and forces to unitedly raise their voice against this assault on basic constitutional values of secularism and democracy”.


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