Dr. Md. Alamgir Hossain: A Selfless Healing Hand, Performs Over 400 Free Surgeries, Transforms Lives in Kaliganj Upazila

Dhaka: Dr. Md. Alamgir Hossain, the 20th health officer of the upazila, has remarkably performed over 400 surgeries at no cost since his appointment in 2021. He has successfully treated 401 patients through free surgical procedures. Among these, he has provided surgical childbirth for 313 women, with 166 in 2022 and 147 in 2023. Additionally, he has conducted surgeries on 50 cases of appendicitis, 10 hernia operations, 2 hydrocele, and 26 circumcisions without charging any fees.

Aklima, a patient, praised Dr. Hossain in an interview with the Dhaka Post. She highlighted his dedication, noting that he not only takes time to attentively listen to patients at the hospital but also occasionally purchases medicines for impoverished patients using his own funds. The local community holds Dr. Hossain in high regard for his services, affectionately referring to him as ‘goriber doctor’ (doctor of the poor).

Dr. Hossain, serving at the Kaliganj Upazila Health Complex, shared his views with the Dhaka Post, stating that he believes medical service is a noble calling. He emphasized his commitment to improving medical services in the upazila alongside his colleagues. Expressing personal fulfillment in treating and healing patients, Dr. Hossain also mentioned his proposals for enhancing healthcare infrastructure. These include upgrading the existing 50-bed hospital to a 100-bed facility, adding 10-bed units at Balrampur and Barbazar sub-health centers, replacing an old wall with a new boundary, constructing a third floor and a conference room on the new two-storied building. He believes that these improvements will significantly enhance the quality of medical services offered.

Source: Dhaka Post


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