Former US President Donald Trump arrested, released for the fourth time

Trump is facing 91 charges in all.


Washington: Former US President Donald Trump surrendered at a country jail in Georgia in an alleged case of racketeering to overturn the outcome of the state’s vote count in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump was arrested and released on bail.

The former President was made to pose for the procedural mugshot, like some of the 18 co-accused who had surrendered and everyone else who went through this process.

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He will be arraigned — his first appearance in a court in connection with this case — in September. The proceedings will be aired live as is the practice, unlike the previous three cases in which he was arrested and released.

The first case was in New York and he is accused of falsifying business records in regards to payment of hush money to an adult film actor. It’s a state case.

The second and the third are federal cases that charge him with mishandling confidential papers — being tried in Florida — and involvement in the January 6 — being litigated in Washington D.C. — attempt to prevent the US Congress from certifying Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. And the Georgia case is the fourth.

Trump’s 18 co-accused include his former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani and a bunch of lawyers.

Trump is facing 91 charges in all. But does not appear intimidated by any of them, not publicly at least and, in fact, he has used them to boost his campaign for the White House, his third run. He has raised millions of dollars touting the cases as politically motivated attempts by the Biden administration to stop him from running for the White House.

The former President leads the Republican race for the party nomination by a wide margin and skipped the first of primary debates in Milwaukee on Wednesday, which had eight rival on the stage, including two Indian-Americans Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy, Florida Governor Ron Desantis, who is in second place.


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