Hamas Exodus: Top Leader Escapes Lebanon Amidst Rising Tensions, Seeks Refuge in Qatar

A prominent Hamas figure, Ghazi Hamad, allegedly linked to the October 7, 2023, attack on Israel, has reportedly left Lebanon due to fears of an assassination attempt and sought refuge in Qatar.

According to sources within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), several other high-ranking Hamas leaders have also left Lebanon and taken asylum in countries like Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Qatar.

Tragically, Al-Arouri and six other Hamas members were reportedly killed in an Israeli drone attack targeting a Hamas office in Beirut’s southern suburb. Qatar, acting as a mediator between Israel and Hamas for hostage release, has reportedly warned Israel against carrying out any killings on its soil.

There are also reports suggesting that other top Hamas leaders, including Ismael Hanieyh and Khalid Meshel, are currently in Qatar.


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