Imam killed, 3 others injured as mob attacks Mosque in Gurugram

On August 1st, a tragic incident occurred during the launching event of a mosque in Sector 57, Gurgaon, where a nineteen-year-old Hafiz named Saad, who was the Imam of the mosque, was killed by a mob.

The incident took place around midnight when more than two hundred extremists attacked the mosque and set it on fire.

Hafiz Saad, who hailed from a small village called Maniyadhia in Saitamarhi district, Bihar, had left his studies at a young age to support his family due to unfavourable domestic circumstances and the responsibility of three sisters.

Hafiz Saad joined the mosque association eight months ago to become the Imam and give the call to prayer (Azaan). He was also responsible for educating the children of the locality within the mosque.

On the night of the incident, his wife Humshira spoke to him at around 11:30 PM and was informed that the electricity had been cut off, and there was a police presence outside the mosque.

However, around midnight, during the mob lynching attack carried out by the extremists, around two hundred people, Hafiz Saad and his two companions were severely injured.

They were immediately transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Pritika Hospital. Tragically, Hafiz Saad lost his life, and his two companions sustained serious injuries.

Eyewitnesses have reported their suspicions that Praveen Hindustani and Amit Hindu might have been connected to the attack.

They said that Hafiz Saad was shot by the mob during the incident and unfortunately, he could not survive his injuries despite receiving medical treatment at the hospital. At the moment, Khurshid, who was also injured in the same incident, remains in critical condition and has been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to receive specialized medical care. Furthermore, Shahabudin and Mehmood are currently undergoing treatment for the injuries they sustained during the incident.

Such incidents are happening close to Delhi , the national capital, what message this government wants to send to the world, asks ex MP Ali Anwar a resident of Gurugram. 

Polarization is the only option left for BJP. Manipur is the extension of Gujarat and they want to turn the whole country into Manipur, he added.

Via: Muslim Mirror


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