Imran Khan warns of Pakistan’s disintegration

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused the ruling coalition of hatching a conspiracy to pit the army against the “largest” political party and spread hatred among the masses, warning that it may lead to the country’s disintegration,

“The PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) leaders and Nawaz Sharif, who is absconding in London, are least concerned whether the country’s constitution is desecrated, state institutions are destroyed or even Pakistan Army earns a bad name. They are looking for their vested interests of saving the looted wealth alone,” Dawn news quoted the former Prime Minister as saying.

“I am seeing a frightening dream that the country is heading towards an imminent disaster,” the PTI chief claimed.

Speaking about the riots that erupted following his arrest on May 9, Khan asserted that it was a “pure conspiracy” hatched and executed allegedly on behalf of the PDM government and the Punjab province’s caretaker government.

Soon after the incident, he said the government assumed the role of a judge, jury and executioner to pave the way for declaring PTI a “terrorist” party, reports Dawn news.

“This is high time that the powers that be should sensibly rethink otherwise the country might face an East Pakistan-like situation,” he lamented.

Khan said a recent survey revealed that Pakistan’s 70 per cent population was standing with the PTI and the remaining 30 per cent people with all the parties that are part of PDM.

He said the only solution to end political instability was to hold elections.

“I appeal to the powers that be to let the elections take place and save the country,” Khan requested.

Asserting that he had defended Pakistan Army even on international media throughout his political career, Khan said: “When I reprimand the army, it is like I am criticising my kids.”

“I have repeatedly stated that I do not interfere in state institutions’ internal matters. I did not interfere when I had confirmed reports that the former army chief was conspiring against me,” he said, claiming some politicians were telling the current army chief that Khan would de-notify him if voted to power, Dawn reported. — IANS


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