Indian Blogger Arrested in Saudi Arabia for Alleged Actions Against Kingdom’s Interests

An Indian blogger, Zahack Tanvir, has been reportedly arrested by Saudi security forces for actions deemed unfavorable to the interests of Saudi Arabia, as reported by Free Press Kashmir on Wednesday.

Tanvir, known for advocating pro-Modi and pro-RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) perspectives, is currently in custody. However, the specifics of his arrest and the precise charges against him are under investigation and have not been officially disclosed by Saudi authorities.

The Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia has not released an official statement regarding Tanvir’s arrest at the time of reporting.

Tanvir, a Saudi-based Non-Resident Indian, serves as the director, founder, and editor of Milli Chronicle Media England, where he champions pro-Modi and Pro-RSS ideologies. His online profile describes him as a Muslim but also professes an “anti-Islamist” stance.

An online video surfaced featuring Tanvir criticizing protesters advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza and an independent state of Palestine.

In another video, he suggested a concern that Western teenagers might be inclined to join radical organizations potentially more dangerous than ISIS.


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