Is Shaking Anchor in Studio Storm Portraying Country’s Journalism?

By: Ravish Kumar
A video has gone viral since June 14. This video is of Shweta anchor of Republic India. Shweta is anchoring with an umbrella in the studio. Another video playing on the giant screen behind, stormy wind blowing. Wind blowing in video and Shweta is shaking in the studio. People are laughing at this but Shweta is seriously shaking in the video. This is Narendra Modi’s India today and media of his era. If it starts to happen like this, soon Modi supporters will uproot the chair and make a shield on the scene of firing in the cinema hall. Will go in front of the screen by sticking the armor to the chest and tear the curtain to catch the shooter. This is the mental and intellectual level of India today. Otherwise more common viewers would have criticized it than Godi media.
Anchor Shweta is being criticized as well as its owner. She’s being mocked in front of the whole world. This video is really sad to watch. I don’t want you to make fun of Shweta. This will not be the election of Shweta. He must have felt bad while doing it. She must have gone to the screen worrying about her job and started shaking. The team recording this must be laughing. If the writer had put this scene into imagination, he would have written like this. The other day after Shweta’s storm anchoring, the editor left his room and started praising Shweta in front of everyone that it is TV. Action should be taken. We need the energy of Shweta. Everyone clapped hard on this thing. But Shweta was abused alone in front of the world. That day, the editor kept roaming like Modi in the newsroom, staring at everyone and later went to his room. The editor closed the door and ate the peak gutkha. Whenever he praised this kind of journalism, he used to eat gutkha in the room to spit the journalism stuck in the throat with gutkha. The end of the story.
After watching this video, I felt that Shweta and how many young companions are working like slaves in these channels. They are disturbing that someone should save them from these channels, but now there is no channel, where these young people can go and do their job. Every channel has been destroyed. I believe that youngsters like Shweta will study journalism only for journalism. Good report for yourself, must be dreaming of good anchoring. This profession was abolished after 2014. When they have completed their studies, there are no profession and institutions left to live that study. It’s something you walk out after studying MBA and all the companies disappear from the city.
It is also true that now many new and old journalists have started saying Modi-Modi from heart and mind. Anti-Muslim journalism has made him a activist of some persecutive party of the same pale. Still I’d like to believe Shweta didn’t like it while recording. Shweta will be very upset if this video goes viral.
 This happened due to the journalism of the world guru India which has only one door to enter, but the ways to exit are closed. There was a time and it is today, when many fraud people used to stick the I card of journalist or any news channel on their car, now the same thing is done by news channels. Newspaper people are doing it. They themselves do fraud and give the real identity card.
Now everyone would have accepted that if we want to do journalism, then we have to work in the name of journalism. I feel sorry. How many chances did we get. Used to receive a lot of compliments. Editor, the cameraperson used to argue that you didn’t get the right shot so you didn’t edit right. Both of them used to take a class of reporter that you did not react properly otherwise the frame was correct. The situation was that the editor and fellow reporters of the other channel were talking about the story the next day. What will the journalists working in these channels talk now? Wouldn’t even drink a good brand of alcohol? Probably party of cow urine. An anchor tells about the qualities of cow urine. Doesn’t drink by himself. It is good that the supply of Gutkha has not stopped in this country. Cancer happens but still people are eating Gutkha. This is not journalism, know but they are doing it. They are not doing, they are being made to do.
I’m pretty sure Shweta and her family won’t be able to see this viral video. The way Modi’s popularity is described, I believe that Shweta’s house also must have Modi-Modi. Will his parents see his daughter as this role of journalist during this Modi era? Will Shweta be able to see her parents or her parents Shweta that you have done superb anchoring or laughing that what yaar, our Modi ji has made you journalists world cunning in the name of making India a world guru. If we are the fifth largest economy, then this is the condition of that country’s channel. All this used to happen in the films of sixty years ago that there is a scene behind the road and the hero is sitting in the car on the set of the studio.
Now the question is how editors of these channels cope. The editor who made Shweta do this, how would he be roaming in the newsroom today. The people upstairs don’t have much trouble. As you meet a broker his language will be very decent, nice clothes, car will be fantastic and he will serve coffee in a nice place. Will take names of many officers, will call the son of ministers as friend. Will be seen at a wedding here of an industrialist. Until you can’t make someone with outsider agents of power, you are lost in these things. Want to say bad things, but when he makes you do your work, they become silent.
Similarly the broker editors and owners of the channels of Godi media look. Even people in their social environment know journalism isn’t doing. Brokerage is doing but seeing its glory and effect become silent that if needed he will give someone a job or get someone done. This is why upper editors don’t have an identity crisis. People with poor journalism also celebrate their summer vacation in London.
Truly tragic what is going on to the youth. New people are being made to do bad things. They must have wanted to write wrong as wrong but they will keep silent. If you refuse, you will lose your job and there is no other good channel for the job. So take care of Shweta in criticizing this video. Don’t laugh so much at her that she goes into mental depression. Her editor took advantage of her compulsion.
We all teach and also learn how to treat women. How to treat them so there is no doubt in professional relationship. Women have worked hard for this. The feminist concept also says that no one can take physical advantage in the name of job. It all comes in how you talk to a woman, what voice you talk to. I see Shweta’s definition of sexual harassment expanding in reference to this video. Whoever editor who made Shweta do this has abolished Shweta’s professional dignity. Eliminating professional dignity is also a form of sexual harassment. The existence of a female professional is not created by her physical dignity but also by her skills and performance. Even if there was no sexual harassment like that in the case the editor killed Shweta’s dignity. It’s not only about Shweta, it’s about some Bipin as well. Our young fellows in these news channels, whether they are female or male, they are going through such harassment.
Narendra Modi remained Prime Minister for ten years. There is a talk of them winning in the future. If I would have met, I would have said that I was fond of calling myself a great leader, at least I would have chosen the right journalist to sit up. Brokers roam less in the aisle of power, which you are taking brokers from journalism and roaming with you. When the best laddoos are going to be made in this country, why are they eating sugar-filled laddoos, change the test.
If you don’t deserve the position you are in, then you can learn this. The world learns. All leaders learn. Are you not the Prime Minister of the reporter’s level, you are the Prime Minister of country like the owner of the channels. Chase them all away from your surroundings. Chase away from your place. Recently noticed that Home Minister Amit Shah is having lunch with Editor’s owner and anchor on the same table. Any BJP leader who will be MLA for 20 years will not get such an opportunity to eat food with you or Amit Shah at the table, and you are treating these people dinner at your place? At least Shweta’s parents also felt that for the leader for whom Modi-Modi did in his relatives’ WhatsApp group for ten years, their daughter will not have to do all this in his rule. Save daughter- educate daughter will happen.
And in the end. Mr. Prime Minister, if you do not work without these chirkut editors and reporters, then leave politics. It is better that you call JP Nadda and become a legislative councilor of somewhere. The future life will be fixed. It is better to leave power than having dinner with editors of such channels.
The Prime Minister knows that if I meet, I will say all this, so the Prime Minister has not held a press conference for 9 years. Well, I feel sorry for Shweta then also for PM Modi that he had tolerate these chirkut anchors and editors by reaching the highest position of the country. That’s why you are requested not to make this video viral.


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