Islamic Emirate Committed to Implementation of Qisas: Deputy Supreme Judge

The deputy of the Supreme Court, Abdul Malik Haqqani said that the Islamic Emirate is committed to the Implementation of Qisas (an Islamic term interpreted to mean retaliation in kind).


In an interview with TOLOnews, he denied the existence of a desert court by the officials of the interim government.

“Implementation of hudud (an Islamic method of punishment) is God’s order and the Quran’s. The Islamic Emirate doesn’t listen to illegitimate reactions,” he said.

Haqqani said that many former employees and attorneys of the republic are working in the Supreme Court.

“Those people who were in the court during the republic, they were the attorneys, most of them are in our formation,” he said.

Regarding addressing the cases of the Shia citizens, he said: “Many Afghan people are Hanafi school Muslims. The judicial system cannot accept division due to some minorities. Islam has given this right to the Shia brothers that if they have any dispute, we can solve it within the Hanafi school of Islam.”


Source: TOLO News


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