Israel’s construction sector aims to hire 1 lakh Indians to replace Palestinians

Amid the ongoing war in Gaza, the construction sector in Israel is eyeing one lakh Indian workforce to replace Palestinians. The aim is to fill the severe shortage of the workforce in the sector ever since the outbreak of the war.

According to a report published by VOA News, the Israeli Builders Association has urged its government to allow companies to hire Indians.

Why do companies in Israel want to hire Indians?

The Israeli companies are aiming to hire Indians as Palestinians have lost their work permits due to the ongoing war in Gaza.

MS Education Academy

Before the outbreak of the war, around 90 thousand Palestinians used to work in Israel. Now, they are no longer able to work due to work permit issues.

India-Israel agreement

In the month of May, India and Israel signed an agreement that allows 42,000 Indian workers to work in Israel in the fields of construction and nursing.

As per the agreement, 34,000 Indian workers will work in the construction field and 8,000 in nursing.

Now, as Israeli companies want one lakh Indian workers to fill the gap in the workforce that arose after the outbreak of the war, it remains to be seen whether a new agreement is needed or a tweak in the existing one will serve the purpose.


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