Aaliya Hameed


Oh! He/she is a liar, he/she is a cheat, he/she is a drug addict, he/she steals, my goodness! Tauba, Astagfirullah Allah hi hafiz hai is se (Allah alone save us from them) ye aise hai waise hai (they are such and such)…how many of such comments do we listen to or speak on a daily basis? We have become so judgmental that it seems the normal. For a fact we all do commit sins and wrong people as well, but when someone else does the same we become the jury and lawyer as well as the witness and start giving judgments and concluding that the person involved would never ever turn to good again and condemn doom for the person forever. We so outrightly forget that we are not absolutely free of wrong doings. Over our wrongs we do ask for forgiveness from our Creator and be optimistic about being forgiven yet do not assume the same for our fellow beings.

       Our Lord clearly says even if we commit sins filling up the whole universe, but repent sincerely after that, The Forgiver would forgive us and this is the reason somewhere embedded in our sub-conscious that we repent continuously after our major as well as minor sins. But sadly we don’t tend to hold the same justice scales when it comes to our fellow beings. We have become so inconsiderate that even if someone after repenting leads life as pious and practicing Muslim we still judge the person on the basis of the life already lived, as I once heard Sana Khan (actress turned pious and practicing muslimah) that even during her nikaah, after turning to her Lord she heard people saying judgmental stuff about her getting married to a pious man and her turning to Lord. Even Zaira Waseem who acted in few films was not spared though she was still a kid.  We judge every other person including our families, where most judged are our siblings. We are very much involved in this act of judging that it seems to be ethically as well as morally correct, completely oblivious of the fact that our Creator is the sole Judge of our deeds.

  If I lie to my family once, but realise my mistake and apologise both to my family and my Lord, clearly my family needs to accept me wholeheartedly as before and not taunt me about my mistake as they say in urdu subah ka bula sham ko ghar aaye toh use bula nhi kehte and same goes for any other sort of sin or wrong we do. If we continue to traumatise someone for their once committed wrong, that person would never want to stop doing the same as he/she has already been labelled such and such, and clearly would find it more difficult to stay on the right path, as eventually we all long for praise from people around us as well besides working on our Naame-aamaal being in our right hand on the day of judgment. We should learn to be not judgmental and accepting people with their flaws as there is no one on this earth, I repeat no one that is perfect without any flaw. It was just our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, who was astoundingly perfect, no one else is sans sins, so we need to ensure that we are as accepting as we want our Lord to be of us in the afterlife.

     Our Creator, in the Quran states multiple times that we all would be judged by our deeds on the Qiyamah and would be assigned to paradise and hell accordingly. When Allah claims to be the sole Judge of our deeds and we are clearly no one to refute this claim, why do we tend to be judgmental, let’s ponder over it and try to mend our ways. Judgments are solely Allah’s forte`  and so let us try not be judgmental muslims.


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