Muslim man beaten, stripped to the waist, beard yanked in train to UP

A group of right-wing Hindu men stripped a middle-aged Muslim man to his waist, beat him with a belt, and demanded that he chant “Jai Shri Ram” while he was riding the Padmawat Express from Delhi to Moradabad.

The victim, a businessman named Asim Hussain, claimed that a few guys boarded the train at the Hapur stop.

“There was a large crowd. ‘Yeh Mulla chor hai’ (he is a thief),’ someone shouted from behind,’ Hussain told to reporters.

Mulla is an insulting epithet used to refer to Muslims.

“Soon after, I was getting beaten up by a gang of people. ‘Yeh sab mulle aise hee hothe hai,’ they said, pulling my beard (They are all the same),” said Hussain.

“They then wanted me to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram,’ which I declined,” he said.

When Hussain refused to comply with his assailants’ demands, he was stripped to the waist, forced to lie down, and viciously struck with a belt.

“They hit me so hard that I almost passed out. When the train arrived at Moradabad station, someone from the same mob took pity on me and tossed me out,” he said.

“Then someone from the station provided me clothes,” Hussain added.

When asked if he knew his assailants, Hussain denied it. He also said that no one in the crowd offered to help him.

A short while later, the deputy superintendent of police for Railway, Moradabad, announced on his official Twitter account that two people had been put under investigation.

“Co-passengers’ information and the information in the viral video led to the arrest of two alleged defendants. These two had exited the train at the Bareli railway station,” the policeman said.

Source: Muslim Mirror


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