Over 3,200 activists and citizens urge president to visit Manipur and safeguard rights of violated Kuki-Zo women

A coalition of over 3,200 activists, academics, artists, retired bureaucrats, and concerned citizens from across India has urgently requested President Draupadi Murmu to intervene in the dire situation in Manipur.

The appeal, issued by the National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), seeks the President’s immediate attention to the plight of the Kuki-Zo women who have been subjected to severe sexual, physical, and mental violence.

The signatories also expressed their concern about the escalating ethnic tensions and gross human rights abuses in the state.

The appeal calls for the President to visit Manipur to ensure justice for the victims and accountability for all authorities involved. The Central and State Governments have been criticized for their failure to restore peace and normalcy to the strife-torn state in the past three months. Instead, they have been accused of exacerbating ethnic tensions and facilitating majoritarian violence, leading to grave human rights violations.

The signatories of the appeal include notable figures such as Dr. Roop Rekha Verma, Medha Patkar, Harsh Mander, Prof. Virginius Xaxa, Ruth Manorama, Meena Kandasamy, and several others, representing a diverse range of movements and organizations.

Among the key demands made in the appeal is a comprehensive and time-bound judicial inquiry into the recent cases of sexual violence and murders, as well as the hundreds of other reported cases.

The appeal emphasizes the need for due legal process and accountability of both violators and authorities involved. Chief Minister Mr. Biren Singh’s admission of multiple cases of violence adds weight to the appeal’s call for accountability.

In light of the failure of the Union Home Minister and the Chief Minister of Manipur to address the situation effectively, the signatories assert that both should step down, taking moral and legal responsibility for their actions.

Beyond addressing the immediate issues of violence, the appeal implores the President to protect the rights and safety of vulnerable sections, particularly tribal women. It urges her to prevent any unconstitutional or unfair changes to the list of Scheduled Tribes and to withhold assent to regressive amendments to forest laws. These amendments could have adverse effects on forest cover and the well-being of forest-dwelling communities, not only in the North-East but across India.

Via: Muslim Mirror


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