By: Aaqib Majeed Khan


The word ‘sabr’ is so common to us as general masses often use it in the conversation.

But this word is as heavy on heart as the thousand of mountains are together when it comes to adopt it in the real life, Sabr {Patience} is not easy it sometimes burns the whole body in the ashes, but ultimately the fruits of Sabr are priceless. Although human never knows sabr except with pain and sadness but a true believer who is obedient to his creator Allah, feels a strange peace and joy even in the Sabr.

Lord of the Universe Allah says in Quran “O Believers seek help from Allah by Sabr {patience} and Salah {Prayers}, Verily Allah is with the Sabereen {Patients}. Here our lord Allah has mentioned the ‘Sabr’ before the ‘Salah’, means somehow or the other sabr is hard and tough to have than the salah for humans, Allah ‘The exalted’ knows how hard it is to bear with something, that is why in order to encourage the mankind Allah says ‘Allah is with the Sabereen’ and in another verse of Quran Allah says ‘Give glad tidings to the sabereen {patients}.

For muslims sabr should not be any hard thing as it protects from doing many forbade tasks,Allah has bestowed man with free will, he has the Haste and Hunger type of Nature as Allah has mentioned. so by seeing these weaker realms of human, Shaitan {iblees} and his followers try to invoke man for commiting forbade tasks and if the man is of weak Faith {imaan} then he may fall prey of their trap.

shayateen always take advantage of human nature and make him to sin but those who have strong faith, whose hearts are full of Allah’s fear will never loose against their wills and lusts.

The Power of faith {Imaan} Enlarges and maximises the level and capacity of Sabr owing to which a strong believer remains strong even before his desires and shayateen.

simply sabr is the key to success , it can be cure to every problem.

in Kashmiri language it can be said ‘ sabras manz shui seer’ .



Aaqib Majeed Khan is a Law student at University of Kashmir, He Writes on Social And Religious Issues.


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