Tragic: 80-year-old collapses, dies after plane walk without wheelchair

In a heartbreaking incident at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, an 80-year-old senior citizen, who had traveled from New York to Mumbai on Air India flight AI-116, collapsed and died after not receiving the pre-booked wheelchair assistance. The Indian-origin man with a US passport, accompanied by his wife, faced a shortage of wheelchairs, with only one assistant available. Despite his wife being seated in the wheelchair, the elderly man walked approximately 1.5 km to the immigration area, where he suddenly collapsed due to a heart attack.

Reportedly, the flight, scheduled to land at 11:30 am, experienced a delay until 2:10 pm. The shortage of wheelchairs extended to 32 passengers on the flight, with only 15 available on the ground. An anonymous ground staffer highlighted the discomfort some elderly couples feel parting during the transition from the aircraft to the terminal.

Air India expressed deep regret, citing heavy demand for wheelchairs and the passenger’s decision to walk. The airline reaffirmed its policy on providing wheelchair assistance and assured ongoing support to the bereaved family.


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