UP: Bajrang Dal objects to Muslims praying Tarawih at home; files complaint

The right-wing Rashtriya Bajrang Dal objected to a group of Muslim men in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad area offering Tarawih prayers.

On Saturday night, a group of Rashtriya Bajrang Dal members led by state president Rohan Saxena stormed into the godown of a Muslim man called Zakir Hussain in Lajpat Nagar, near the Katghar police station.

The right-wing guys caused a commotion, and police were summoned to calm things down.

Later, when addressing to media, Saxena stated that new paramparas (traditions) will not be permitted in the city.

“We learned that Zakir is starting a new tradition by praying with his Muslim brothers.” “We vehemently oppose this and will not allow such a tradition to flourish in our city or state,” Saxena told reporters.

“We have repeatedly requested that the police file FIRs against violent people (from the Muslim community),” Saxena said.

When asked how his group learned about the event, he stated, “We got information from their neighbours. As proof, we have photographs. This will not be tolerated,” he said.

“We have requested that the police officials file a complaint against them.” And if they don’t, the Rashtriya Bajrang Dal would take to the streets to protest,” Saxena added.


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