UP: Police arrests four Hindu men for vandalising temples

On Thursday, the Uttar Pradesh police apprehended four individuals named Harish Sharma (considered the main accused), Shivam, Keshav, and Ajay for their involvement in the act of vandalizing idols in four temples located in Baral village of Bulandshahr district, Uttar Pradesh.

This incident occurred last week when four Hindu temples in the city of Bulandshahr were targeted and vandalized. The local Hindu organizations were outraged by the incident and staged protests, demanding strict action against the culprits responsible for attacking the temples.

As part of their destructive acts, the miscreants damaged a total of 12 idols representing various Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

According to reports, the incident took place in Baral on the night of May 30.

The local residents became aware of the vandalism when they discovered that four temples had been vandalized. They promptly informed the police about the incident. Responding swiftly, the police arrived at the scene and secured the temple premises by sealing them off.

Initially, the locals suspected that the perpetrators intentionally targeted the temples, aiming to disrupt the peaceful coexistence within the society.


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