Watch: Gaza looks abandoned, haunted after Israeli airstrikes

Amidst this ongoing Israeli aggression, numerous heart-wrenching clips are surfacing from the Gaza Strip

Amid the Israeli aggression after Hamas, a Palestinian resistance outfit launched a surprise attack in Israel on Saturday, October 7, distressing clips and images are coming out from the war-torn area of the Gaza Strip.

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‘Use of force’

As Israeli aggression continues following an attack by Hamas, a Palestinian resistance outfit, distressing clips and images are emerging from the war-torn Gaza Strip.

In response to the attack, Israel has declared a state of war against Palestine, intensifying their airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, from the far-right government, has granted ‘full authority for the use of force’ in this conflict.

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Amidst this ongoing Israeli aggression, numerous heart-wrenching clips have surfaced from the Gaza Strip.

One particularly poignant video, circulating on social media platforms, shows a nurse named Zeinab employed at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital. In the video, she rushes out of the hospital building in distress upon learning that her husband, also a medical professional, had tragically lost his life during the fierce Israeli airstrikes.

“My husband has been martyred while I was working in the hospital, he was martyred while I was working with the injured, God, please punish them,” she can be heard yelling.

In another clip, a number of children can be seen screaming and running out of Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip amid the bombing.

Bombing continues

Another video posted on X shows what remains of the Al-Rimal neighbourhood in the centre of Gaza City following Israeli airstrikes. The Al-Rimal area in Gaza looks like an abandoned and haunted place with endless piles of debris after Israeli bombings.

Another video shows a young Palestinian boy saving a cat from rubble in the Gaza Strip, after a mass air strike.

In another video, Israeli forces can be seen targeting Palestinian ambulance and medical team

In yet another heart-breaking clip, a man can be seen carrying his minor daughter’s body who was killed in an Israeli airstrike in the Tal Al-Hawa neighbourhood in the Gaza Strip.

7 Journalists killed so far

Meanwhile, three more journalists were killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrike on Tuesday. So far, seven Palestinian journalists have been killed by Israeli warplane bombings.

Meanwhile, two Palestinian photojournalists, identified as Nidal Al-Wahidi from the Al-Najah channel and Haitham Abdelwahid from the Ain Media, have been missing for the past three days. More than 10 journalists sustained severe injuries.

Journalists’ residences and media institutions’ headquarters have been partially or completely damaged by the shelling.


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