Zaheeruddin Ali Khan managing editor Siasat passes away in Hyderabad

Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, the Managing Editor of Siasat, breathed his last today after suffering a cardiac arrest. The incident occurred shortly after he paid homage to the renowned Revolutionary Poet Gaddar in Alwal.

Khan was known for his exceptional dedication to journalism and his contributions to Siasat, one of the leading newspapers in India.

The passing of ‘Zaheer Bhai’, as he was affectionately known by his friends and colleagues, has left the media fraternity and readers in a state of shock and grief.

Zaheeruddin, who had been a Chartered Accountant (CA), had dedicated 35 years of his life to the field of journalism. He was the cousin of Zahid Ali Khan, the Managing Director of Siasat.

Tragically, his younger brother, Dr. Mazhar Ali Khan, had recently taken his own life.


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